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Tim Goldstein

Welcome to the official site of Tim Goldstein.

Based on his love of technology and the people that have helped him have such a great IT career, Tim is speaking on, training about, and mentoring with executives to understand the mind of the technical worker. Basically the people considered as geek or nerds. He explains how to understand and work with technical personnel to best utilize their unique talents. Tim's experience with many IT departments plus his interviewing of the business people that interface with them has led Tim to the belief that a large percentage of technical workers have traits of Asperger's. As a person with Asperger's Syndrome but with the gift of being able to communicate across the tech versus business barrier. Tim is able to explain the thought process of the technical worker to the non-tech world using examples, analogies, and stories to express his unique views.

Tim is a member of  Wiser Ltd a Colorado based Limited Liability Company he owns with his wife Karen. When not speaking or training, Tim works as a contractor and consultant in the Denver metro market specializing in all aspects of data on the Microsoft SQL stack. His experience goes from hard core T-SQL and Stored Procedures to Business Intelligence with SSAS, SSIS, SSRS. One of Tim's specialties is data migration and loads with SSIS. Tim's unique background and skills allow him to hit the ground running and fill roles from visionary and architect to individual contributor.


Tim is also a Certified High Performance Coach and can help you reach your next level.

Tim's approach to problem solvingTim's approach to problem solving

Consultant and Contractor specializing in the Microsoft SQL Data Stack both BI and OLTP

Speaker and Trainer on Engaging the Tech Worker for Executives and Business Units

Master Presenter Tim Goldstein is personally trained by Roger Love to deliver impactful talks to any audience 

Tim Goldstein at Roger Love's studio in Hollywood taking a private lessonTim Goldstein at Roger Love's studio in Hollywood taking a private lesson

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